B.E.A.T. – BeatRhymers

Del Sol had the honor of documenting these young people for whom art is what motivates and heals them. Learned about lighting and exposures; this was a first, doing a shoot with only DSLR cameras. The mission of Bridging Education and Art Together (B.E.A.T.) is to transform the lives of youth in underserved communities through engaging, exciting and culturally relevant music, dance and writing programs, including: beatboxing, B-boying/B-girling (breakdance), music production and composition, and creative writing. The videos Del Sol created for co-founders James and Charles Kim were used to generate interest and ultimately funding for these programs. His love and understanding of Hip Hop culture made this an obvious fit for Del Sol. The kids were excited to see the video once it was finished which Del Sol hopes allowed them see themselves in a different light, fueling their confidence.

Editor: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Director: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Studio: Creative Thriftshop

Tools: FCP & Adobe Photoshop