Benzly Hype & Spragga Benz – Maggle Mout

Del Sol has been a fan of Spragga Benz since he was a teenager, so when Ed Steinberg approached him with this opportunity he was eager to not only deliver a great music video but also to quietly show the artists his familiarity with the nuances of Jamaican music videos. Initially Del Sol was only provided with footage of the artists performing the song in different set-ups. To do the infectious dancehall reggae tune justice Del Sol implored Steinberg to shoot a few more quick scenes using the “Maggle Mout” character. The footage was shot and sent back to him in two days. These extra shots allowed Del Sol to create the skit like intro for the video.

Editor: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Director: Ed Steinberg

Studio: Creative Thriftshop

Tools: FCP & Adobe Photoshop