Gentleman Jake – Poke

Initially, Director Ed Steinberg approached Del Sol to take the existing animated music video and re-edit it to match the Facebook theme from which the notion of the “Poke” was adopted. Working alongside Raupa Ponce and Juan Padron (of Vampires in Havana), Del Sol Brought this video to wonderful completion. The major challenge here was that the client wanted to create a dance music video referencing Facebook while using a team in Cuba where Facebook is nonexistent. There were no storyboards or briefing of any kind for this team so Steinberg and Del Sol created a Facebook motion graphics universe to incorporate all of the animations that were created, which helped clarify things for the auxiliary team.

Editor: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Director: Ed Steinberg

Animation: Raupa & Nelson Ponce

Studio: Creative Thriftshop

Tools: Adobe Photoshop & After Effects, FCP