Sesame Workshop – Sesame Square

This short aims to illustrate the importance of the continued support of the Sesame Square TV show and the programs and lesson plans they have for educators in Nigeria. Working with Producer Veronica Wulff, Del Sol was provided with three days of footage as well as close to a dozen interviews. With such a plethora of shots and soundbites, Del Sol initially created a “radio cut” which compiled all of the important statements in order of appearance so that the client could confirm that the message was what they were hoping for. Once the message was clear Del Sol was able to inject the compelling storyline with equally compelling footage. Taking this approach streamlined the process of picking shots. Del Sol finds this to be an especially effective way to collaborate and communicate with clients when there is a need to edit through large amounts of material to consolidate the client’s message.

Client: Sesame Workshop

Editor: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Producer: Veronica Wulff

Studio: Park Avenue Post

Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro