Jihae – Hallelujah (Tribute to Leonard Cohen)

JiHAE pays tribute to Leonard Cohen with a cover of “Hallelujah”. Download on

“Leonard Cohen was my biggest inspiration and a guiding hero in my journey as a singer/songwriter,” she says. “I discovered him when I heard Nina Simone’s haunting version of ‘Suzanne’. I recall the very moment I heard ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’. Listening to that song was like diving into a sad novel, with its rich tale of love, friendship and betrayal. There are times all of us realize that the world is not a fair place and we begin to see through all the lies and deceit around us. Listening to ‘Everybody Knows,’ shook my world and blew my mind and taught me a lot about the power of music.
I celebrate Leonard Cohen for the gifts of all of his songs and for the way he graciously encouraged me as a songwriter. I’m grateful that he left treasures behind to move and shake many more generations of songwriters to come.” -JiHAE

Director: Rajan Mehta

Producer: Jihae

Editor: Diego Del Sol