Lung Bioengineering – LB-1 EVLP

Lung Biotechnology’s Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion Center is the first of its kind in the United States. State of the art technology allows the EVLP team to work with fragile organs in a controlled environment,
continuously monitor the perfusion process and perform tests required to ensure high quality clinical data collection.

During an organ transplant, time is of the essence and Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion is no different. Lungs are explanted, evaluated, and shipped as quickly as possible to our specialized EVLP facility. The EVLP team works around the clock to assess the lungs, share data with the surgical team, and ship accepted organs to the transplant center.

The moment an Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) contacts LB-1, we enter donor and lung data into our CMX database. This gives everyone involved in the process seamless digital connectivity to the EVLP case. This digital management system shares information about the OPO, surgeon, donor, lungs, and the data collected during perfusion. The OPO, transplant center and EVLP team are able to monitor all stages of the process remotely.

Client: Dagr & Nott

Director: Rajan Metah

Editor: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Studio: Park Avenue Post

Tools: Premiere Pro / Davinci Resolve