Lynn Del Sol – Janes Walk 2018 – Neighborhood Sol

Inspired by urban activist Jane Jacobs – Jane’s Walk is a worldwide phenomenon of – absolutely free – citizen lead walks through the neighborhoods they love. Leading her first tour; Re-Zoning Brooklyn; a Waterfront Story is Lynn del Sol, a native New Yorker and twenty year resident of North Brooklyn. She’ll guide crowds through the two-mile stretch of land that makes up the sometimes contentious Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront.
Along the way, she’ll dive deep – pointing out infrastructure projects, waterfront history, new construction, affordable housing, historic homes, landmark misses and the future of public access and public input in city planning. I shot this in three takes, or tours and edited this promo.

Client: Lynn Del Sol

Director: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Producer: Lynn Del Sol

Studio: DSNY

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro