M-Street Creative – Prospero – A Woman’s Spirit

M-Street is doing beautiful work with Prospero and I was lucky to cut a series of short stories like this one for the brand. Tradition, identity and a rich Mexican history has defined the vision of Stella Anguiano, one of Mexico’s most distinguished female Master Distillers of 30 years. Stella’s passion for each step of the process comes from a respect for family traditions and a desire to create exceptional products with superior characteristics. She remains committed to paying tribute to Mexico’s heritage while still pushing boundaries in her craft and excelling as a woman in a male-dominated industry. From Stella’s hand, Próspero is a celebration of women; a spirit made with all women in mind.

Agency: M-Street Creative

Director: Andy Praskai

Editor: Diego Del Sol Garcia

Studio: Del Sol New York

Tools: Adobe Premiere / After Effects / Davinci Resolve