Jihae – Life on Mars

Actress / Singer / Songwriter and Great Friend Jihae released her long awaited cover of the David Bowie Classic “Life on Mars”. I was beyond thrilled to be part of this. I worked with Creative Director Rajan Mehta and Jihae to create a time capsule aesthetic, where our intergalactic traveler is seemingly stuck in a purgatory existence. Nic Seresin at Acclaimed The Underground Studio did an amazing job with the clean up and Flame work. This video was by far the best thing I worked on all year. Thanks Ji!

Client: Jihae

Director: Jihae

CreativeDirector: Rajan Mehta

Editor: Diego Del Sol Garcia

VFX: Nic Seresin

Studio: DSNY & The Underground

Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Flame